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    Neonatal Umbilical Cord Disinfection Care Kit

    Neonatal Umbilical Cord Disinfection Care Kit

    Name Neonatal Umbilical Cord Disinfection Nursing Kit Main Structure Type B.SF-I is composed of medical polyethylene liquid storage bottle, valve system, outer cover, disinfectant (povidone iodine or hydrogen peroxide) and cotton swab. Prod

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    Neonatal Umbilical Cord Disinfection Nursing Kit
    Main Structure
    Type B.SF-I is composed of medical polyethylene liquid storage bottle, valve system, outer cover, disinfectant (povidone iodine or hydrogen peroxide) and cotton swab.
    Product characteristics
    Active iodine (effective iodine I) released when the main agent povidone iodine in disinfectant contacts with skin and mucosa can directly act on bacterial proteins, interfere with amino acid and synthesis, and reduce the fluidity of lipid membrane, thus causing microbial death, against a variety of bacteria (Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, Candida albicans, pyogenic cocci and pathogenic yeasts, etc.), trueBacteria, viruses, Chlamydia protozoa and Mycoplasma have strong killing ability and disinfection effect.
    Scope of application
    It is suitable for cleaning, sterilizing and disinfecting nursing of newborn after umbilical operation to prevent newborn umbilical cord infection. It can also be used for disinfection of newborn's jaundice, diaper rash, eczema, mosquito bite, buttock burns, scalds, abrasions and skin at injection site.
    Main Specifications
    15mL*2 bottles per box 20mL*2 bottles per box
    Department Category
    Neonatal/Pediatric Disinfection/Cleaning Room Gynecology/Obstetrics
    Instructions for Use
    1. When the umbilical cord has not fallen off or partially fallen off, dip the medicine liquid with a cotton swab and gently rub it from the center to the outside, and form a spiral shape from inside to outside, with a diameter of about 3 cm. At the same time, pay attention to the disinfection of the depressed part of the lower edge of the umbilical wheel, 1-2 times a day.
    2. When the umbilical cord is completely detached and the broken end is not completely healed, the local part is often moist, and there is a small amount of exudate or the root of the umbilical cord and the surrounding skin are red and swollen, the above treatment steps should also be followed, 2-3 times a day; but if the red and swollen around the umbilical cord is obvious, and the umbilical wheel has pus and odor, and the infant also has fever, unwillingness to eat milk, always crying and other manifestations, it is necessary to go to the hospital in time.Treatment.
    4. Umbilical disinfection after neonatal bathing: after wiping the umbilical cord, wipe it with the medicine liquid of neonatal umbilical cord disinfection nursing device.
    5. Cleaning, sterilization and disinfection of neonatal skin: wipe with this drug liquid.
    1. This product is only for external use and is forbidden to be taken orally.
    2. People allergic to iodine and burn area greater than 20% are forbidden to use it.
    Five details of neonatal umbilical cord care
    Mothers must pay attention to some specific details when caring for the umbilical cord of a newborn.
    1, mothers must wash their hands during neonatal umbilical cord care to avoid bacteria on their hands infecting the baby's umbilical cord.
    2, during the baby's bath, do not let the umbilical cord get wet before it falls off.If you swim with your baby during the neonatal period, be sure to wear a waterproof sticker.After that, umbilical cord disinfection or neonatal umbilical cord care should be carried out, and umbilical cord disinfection nursing device should be persisted in case of umbilical skin redness and swelling.
    3. the umbilical cord and its surrounding skin should be kept dry and clean, especially diapers should not cover the umbilical cord, to avoid urine or feces staining the umbilical wound.If the umbilical cord is contaminated, the umbilical cord should be disinfected in time.
    4, don't use purple medicine, some baby's umbilical cord does not fall off for a long time, or falls off after pus, some old people in order to dry the umbilical cord to wipe the baby with purple medicine, this method used often in the past, but now in medicine do not advocate this method of neonatal umbilical cord care, because the drying effect of purple medicine water is limited to the surface, and neonatal umbilical cord disinfectionThe drying effect of the disinfectant for the nursing appliances is from inside to outside.
    5 wipe twice a day with a cotton swab dipped in the disinfectant of the neonatal umbilical cord disinfection nursing device, once in the morning and once in the evening.When wiping, lift the small cord at the ligation site with one hand, and wipe the place where the umbilical cord connects to the meat with a cotton swab dipped with the disinfectant of the neonatal umbilical cord disinfection care device with the other hand.At this time, it should be noted that if the swab is dirty, it should be replaced in time. Do not wipe it repeatedly with dirty swab, which will cause infection and inflammation.
    Key points of neonatal umbilical care
    During the umbilical care of newborns, strict aseptic operating procedures should be implemented. Hands, instruments, dressings, etc. must be aseptic during the operation. Any use suspected of contamination or contamination should not touch the umbilical cord stump.The umbilical cord should be exposed after drying up. The umbilical cord stump, the root of the umbilical cord and the skin around the umbilical cord should be disinfected with a neonatal umbilical cord disinfection nursing device twice a day. Umbilical cord shearing should be avoided as much as possible. Pressure bandaging is often required to prevent hemorrhage after umbilical cord shearing, which affects the abdominal breathing of newborns and causes uncomfortable crying and affects the contraction of the umbilical cord. In addition, umbilical cord cloth wrapping around the abdoIf not replaced in time, urine stimulates the umbilical cord to cause increased secretion and induce local infection.Closely observe whether the umbilical cord is bleeding or leaking. If the umbilical cord is wet or has purulent secretions, it can be disinfected with a neonatal umbilical cord disinfection nursing device. If necessary, take the umbilical cord secretions for bacterial culture or drug sensitivity test. Take local or systemic medication according to the doctor's advice, pay attention to keeping the umbilical cord dry, which can effectively prevent umbilical infection.

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